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Simple Redis Hosting


On August 8th, 2022, we will be shutting down our platform. This decision was made after careful analysis of our business and our ability to maintain the standard of support for customers on this platform.

We recognize that this will potentially cause some challenges and we wanted to communicate this change as early as possible. To avoid any service interruptions, we recommend beginning a migration plan as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Redistogo Support


You can get a local copy of your data by setting up a redis server on your machine as a slave.

  1. Add the following args to your redis.conf:

    • masterauth is the password of the master
    • slaveof takes 2 arguments, the host and the port the master is running on.

    masterauth 09282e3b4df256b2c0341af13c674bdb
    slaveof 9000
  2. Start Redis on a local machine (or the machine you wish to export to) using the configuration file that was just set up.

    redis-server redis.conf
  3. (Optional) Once the slaving is complete you can have the redis server stop slaving by issuing the following command:


For more information check out the replication how to for redis.